Accepted by physicians and most major insurance companies, IdrasilTM is a prescription cannabis tablet for pain management and anti-nausea.

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As the market-leading cannabis prescription and only tablet, IdrasilTM provides medical professionals an option in pain management, anti-nausea and numerous other patient concerns. Complete the form below to speak with an executive member of the C3 International team. We appreciate your interest and support.


C3 International Inc. was formed to provide leadership in the emerging cannabinoid therapeutics health sector. C3 is the developer of Patent(s)-pending Idrasilâ„¢, a breakthrough in pharmaceutical grade for the medical cannabis industry. We welcome all questions from potential patients, health care providers and investors.

Idrasil - The Cannabis Tablet

IdrasilTM is a prescription-only cannabis product. Precision dosage accurately treats patients for pain management and anti-nausea. Experience the world of pharmaceutical benefits cannabis can provide in a safe and effective pill.

Medical Cannabis Pill

Rethinking Pain Management

IdrasilTM eliminates negative social stigmas associated with traditional cannabis therapies and provides a safe, sensible and consistent solution. IdrasilTM is the only, all-natural medical cannabis prescription recognized and paid for by most health insurance providers in California.

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2016 Cannabis Based Therapies

IdrasilTM is the platinum sponsor of the
2016 Cannabis-Based Therapies Conference.

Join us in San Francisco on November 30, 2016 as industry thought leaders Mr. Steele Smith, CEO and Dr. Stephen Goldner, CSO of C3 International speak on the benefits of Idrasil. Live stream available.