C3® International, Inc. has been formed to play a leadership role in the emerging medical cannabis health sector.

We are committed to improving lives with Idrasil™.

Company Snapshot

  • Company Name: C3® International, Inc.
  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Stage of Development: Series A
  • Financial Advisors: TheCodeCorp
  • Research Sector: Specialty Pharmaceutical
  • Amount Currently Invested: 33 Million
  • Ownership: Private
  • C3® Executive Staff

    Chairman & CEO
    Steele Clarke Smith III

    Co-Founder of C3®

    In 1992, Mr. Smith founded U.S. Vinyl Inc., creator of I.D. SAFE, a U.S. Registered Trademark #75-212338 held by U.S. Vinyl which also holds two other U.S Patents, Patent #5,700,036, Patent #8,656,052. Mr. Smith’s creative marketing strategies revolutionized the promotional projects industry with the “manufacturer-direct” concept.

    In 1988, Mr. Smith studied English at Cambridge University, England, then the University of San Francisco in their “3 and 3” program; three years of undergraduate work and three years of law school; 1989 transferred to USC English Dept.; 1992 Graduated USC, BA. 1990 President of Phi Gamma Delta, National Fraternity, USC; Treasurer USC Cycling Team; volunteer AIDS Project LA.

    In 1997, he was a semifinalist of Inc. Magazine Market Masters Award; 2004 nominated for a TOYA (Ten Outstanding Young Americans); 2006 awarded Outstanding Young Californian of US Jr. Chamber of Commerce; 2005 founded C3, California Compassionate Caregivers; 2005 founded Orange County Chapter of American’s for Safe Access; 2009 founded Greater Orange County Collective Alliance.

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    Steele Smith on ResearchGate

    Theresa Ann Smith

    Co-Founder of C3®

    Co-founder of C3®, California Compassionate Caregivers, in 2005 an Orange County Chapter of American’s for Safe Access; 2009 founded Greater Orange County Collective Alliance and in 2009 co-founded National ASA; 2009 founding member of C3®.

    Theresa Ann Smith is a National advocate for safe patient access to holistic medicine, specifically Cannabis. She is the founding Vice President of C3® International, Inc., the manufacturer of the patent(s)-pending Idrasil®, the world's first naturally derived, non-synthetic, pharmaceutical grade Cannabis Tablet, 12.5mg, 25mg, 100mg.

    Mrs. Smith along with her husband Steele C. Smith, III, Chairman, are pioneers of cannabis collectives under California's Compassionate Use Act of 1996. Founding California Compassionate Caregivers (C3®) Cannabis Collective, in 2006.

    Ms. Smith served 7 years in administrative management at Chapman University for the Vice Provost and the Dean of Graduate Studies functioned as Scribe for seven Accreditation Committees that was instrumental in the College receiving National Accreditation to become a University. Co-managed and serving for 14 years as Director of Human Resources, Business Development and Customer Relations at U.S. Vinyl Inc. 2004 Chapman University majoring in Child Development with a Minor in English Literature.

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    Barb Nolta, Comptroller

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    Leon Fleyshman, CFO

    Leon C3

    Dr. Stephen Goldner, JD, CSO

    Nicolas Arkells, JD, MBA, CSD

    Christopher Knell, CIO

    Thomas Todd, COO

    C3® Chief Operating Officer
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    Marisa A. Morabito, CMO

    Marisa Morabito C3
    C3® Chief Marketing Officer
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    Edward Yang, PR

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    C3® Public Relations
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    Timofey Dobrenen, CAO

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    Douglas Pettibone, Esq.

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    C3® Chief Corporate Counsel
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    Eric Alspaugh, Esq.

    C3® Technical Counsel
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    P.W. McLaughlin, Esq.

    C3® Regulatory Counsel
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    Jonathan Buck, Esq.

    C3® Insurance Counsel
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    Gregory A. Smith, M.D.

    C3® Education Director
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    Patrick McLaughlin

    C3® Clinical Research Director
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    Larry Bedard, M.D.

    C3® Board of Directors
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    Rene Monzon

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    C3® Security Director
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